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Late afternoon on May the 16th, residents in areas along the Potomac river were warned to seek indoor shelter immediately as a vicious storm rolled in over the region. Schools also allowed kids to go home earlier to make it home safely before the storm hit.

The National Weather Service issued Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, and Fort Washington. The storm was first spotted over Bull Run, moving at about 40 mph in an easterly direction. Meteorologists predicted 70 mph wind gusts, significant hail fall, and heavy rain.

Winds of this speed can topple trees, down powerlines, and rip roofing systems to shreds. The wind was so severe that it caused widespread power outages. Nearly 7000 homes in the Fairfax County area, along the Richmond Highway Corridor, were stuck in the dark as the storm thundered all around them.

Residents were also warned to be aware of the possibility of flooding. Should you be traveling through these weather conditions, avoid flooded roads as they can cause vehicles to hydroplane or leave you stranded in the flood.

Several residents took to social media to document their experience during the storm, with many of them posting the large hailstones that fell in and around their properties. Some baseball-sized hailstones caused significant vehicle and roofing damage to residents in the Alexandria area. Hail of this size can cause dents and holes in rooftops. Roofing with several holes in them will weaken your home’s roofing structures and cause leaks in your home and your ceiling to bulge.

If you live in these areas and your roof has suffered a significant blow due to the storm, do not hesitate to contact AWS Restorations. We’ll have your rooftop up and running in no time so that you’re prepared for when the next storm hits. Call the reputable Chantilly roofing company today for your free storm roof damage estimate.

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