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Picking out a roofing material for your rooftop requires a bit of research and investigation. You need to know how the material will fare in your environment if it matches your home’s exterior features, and which shingle brand offers you the highest quality roofing materials. If you’re not sure what the various shingle brands have to offer and the quality of their products, carry on reading as we unpack what each brand has to offer you.



CertainTeed is one of the oldest shingle manufacturers in the United States. Established in 1904, the shingle company has earned the reputation of being a quality and reliable shingle manufacturer that has earned the trust of roofers and homeowners.

The company offers affordable and high-end shingles that provide homeowners with durability and longevity. Their Grand Manor range is one of their standout products. It has a Class A fire-resistance, 110 mph wind-resistance warranty, and a 10 Year SureStart warranty covering 100% labor and replacement costs due to manufacturing defects.


Owens Corning

Owen Corning’s True Definition Duration Shingles have won over millions of homeowners across the country. The roofing material has a 130 mph wind resistance, a Class A fire resistance, and an algae-resistant coating.

You’ll love the exceptional roofing solutions for affordable prices that these high-quality products provide. With their wide selection of colors and styles, you’re sure to find something perfect for your home! Plus, with excellent customer service, they are an obvious favorite amongst homeowners just like you!



GAF is such an iconic shingle brand that you can find it in just about every major metropolitan area. GAF’s architecturally stylish, high-quality architectural roofing products make them a no-brainer for homeowners and builders alike!

GAF’s leading product range is the GAF Timberline Shingles. The shingles add significant curb appeal to just about any home; they’re an affordable roofing option and have a wind resistance rating of 130 mph. GAF’S Golden Pledge Warranty has also attracted quite a bit of attention due to its comprehensive coverage.

With all of the different roofing brands on the market, you want to find one that best matches your needs. We can help by providing a free quote and answering any questions about our products or services during a consultation. Contact AWS Restorations today for helpful advice from an expert!

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