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The roof of our home is there to protect the contents of the house. A strong roof keeps our families and our possessions safe from the weather elements. There are, however, instances when a roof can begin to fail and soon we have evidence of leakage. What are some common signs of a leaking roof and what can be done about them? 

leaking roof repair in Washington DC


The most obvious sign of leakage is the drip of water from the ceiling. Depending on the severity of the leak, it could be several drips an hour to a more constant stream of water falling. You may not notice the sound during the common daily activities, but as you lay your head at night, and the house is quiet, you might hear the continual “drip-drip” of the water. 

Perhaps it’s not the drip sound you hear, but a small puddle of water where there once was none.  This could be in a garage area, or the attic. Once you have determined there is a leaking problem, it is advisable to contact a trusted roofing professional and have it fixed immediately. This small area can become larger and more costly in the process.  

Water Spots in the Ceiling

This is another obvious sign there is more going on behind the scenes. The water spots are caused by the dripping and collecting of water from the roof. Many times, these areas look like brown or yellow spots in the shape of puddles. Water will flow to the low areas and the sections of least resistance, puddle, and seep down through the ceiling.

If you notice water stains, it is important to have them inspected quickly. There could be more damage done such as the formation of mold and mildew, rotting framing, and damaged ceilings. 

Signs of Mold

Mold and mildew could be spotted on an interior or exterior wall. The extent of the damage depends on how long the roof has been leaking. It is important to call a professional roofing contractor when you notice mold or mildew so the repairs can be quickly made. 

The area will need to be bleached by using 1 part bleach to 3 parts water and cleaned while wearing rubber gloves and a mask. Vinegar or borax could be other useful cleaning agents. It is best to speak with your local hardware store for guidance and safety precautions when removing mold. 

leaking roof signs in Washington DC

What Causes Leaks?

It is important to learn where the areas of damage originate from. Here is a list of a few possibilities. 

  • Missing or Broken ShinglesAreas of compromised roofing can cause leaking problems. These shingles will need to be replaced before more damage can occur.
  • Damaged FlashingAreas around a chimney or vent are common areas of leakage. The flashing can become rusted or loose due to storms or high winds. The flashing will need to be replaced and sealed up properly.
  • Broken GuttersWhen a gutter or downspout becomes rusted or separates from the home, it can no longer be effective in water removal. A yearly inspection of your gutter system can help ward off any future problems and repairs can be made to keep the system running smoothly. Make sure to clean the gutter system out regularly so the water can flow with ease.

Regular maintenance and inspections are important in keeping the roof working effectively. Contact a local professional roofing contractor to assist with any and all roofing concerns. AWS Restorations in Washington DC is skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to fixing and repairing roofing systems. We are the storm damage specialists in the local DC area assisting families for over three decades. We offer honest inspections and guidance based on our findings. We believe in treating each home as if it were our own. 

Call us today when you notice areas of damage, and we will help to restore your roof and end the dripping of water leakage.  



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